Standby Records Home


Here it is, the home of Standby Records, founded in London, UK in 2006 with a mission to discover and showcase new deep, progressive and tech house production talent.

The label emerged from…

…the legendary Standby Radio Show on Ministry of Sound Radio in 2004 hosted by DJ’s Jon Sinclair & Matt Rickard where the deep progressive sound was forged around a wealth of production material submitted for airplay by new producers from all around the world.  By 2006 launching a label as an outlet for these new productions was the natural next step. Since then Standby Records has aided the discovery, boosted the profile and offered the key breakthrough for many DJ’s and producers.

Fast-forward to today…

…and after more than 50 releases to date Standby has already gone way above and beyond expectations. On this website you can check out all Standby Records artists, the latest DJ mixes, podcasts, and new music releases. Also be sure to check out the podcasts section for links to Mixcloud and Soundcloud hosted mixes.


Demo Submissions:

We’re always looking to sign new material but please, PLEASE make sure your music is a style that will suit the label! We loosely describe our music as deep, tech and progressive house but for a better idea please browse the site and listen to recent releases, and if it’s a fit, then we want to hear it!

To submit a demo please contact us via Soundcloud sending a link to a Soundcloud private track or external download link, minimum 320kbps MP3 or better. We aim to respond to all demos within 14 days of receipt.


Release Catalogue:

Cat No: Artist:
Audio: Release Date:
STBY053 Slytek Evoluted EP (Another World, Evoluted, Wonder) Listen 11/01/2017
STBY052 Slytek Augustus Listen 26/12/2016
STBY051 Slytek Clusterluck (Original & Neon Skin Remix) Listen 12/12/2016
STBY050 Slytek Emerge (Album) Listen 16/09/2014
STBY049 Slytek Raptor / Antidote Listen 06/01/2014
STBY048 Slytek Tigerblood / Hidden Agenda Listen 30/12/2013
STBY047 Slytek Licker / Like A Glove Listen 16/12/2013
STBY046 Slytek Move It Listen 09/12/2013
STBY045 Slytek Sequencia Listen 25/11/2013
STBY044 Slytek Landscape Listen 11/11/2013
STBY043 Slytek Oh Listen 28/12/2013
STBY042 Slytek Amok Listen 14/10/2013
STBY041 Slytek Goldenboy Listen 30/04/2012
STBY040 Slytek Pin Listen 23/04/2012
STBY039 Slytek RubberRock Listen 12/06/2011
STBY038 Slytek Labyrinth Listen 16/04/2012
STBY037 Slytek Filtertan Listen 08/11/2010
STBY036 Slytek The Only One Listen 25/10/2010
STBY035 Quarrel Shake It Listen 12/04/2010
STBY034 Luiz B Get Out Of My Mind Listen 12/04/2010
STBY033 Slytek Flash Carter Listen 12/04/2010
STBY032 Slytek Sunstruck Listen 07/12/2009
STBY031 Slytek Lime Listen 13/07/2009
STBY030 Slytek Echoes Listen 06/07/2009
STBY029 Quarrel Max Pressure (Original & Slytek Remix) Listen 29/06/2009
STBY028 Slytek Minima Listen 22/06/2009
STBY027 Quarrel Looking For Sun Listen 15/06/2009
STBY026 Slytek Beyond Listen 08/06/2009
STBY025 DeeRiVee & Gabriell Associations of the Sunrise (Original & Moonlight Mix) Listen 01/06/2009
STBY024 Slytek Glimpse (Original Mix) Listen 09/03/2009
STBY023 Slytek Opal (Original Mix) Listen 23/02/2009
STBY022 Slytek Deep Dive (Slytek’s Soulspace Mix & Neon Skin Remix) Listen 16/02/2009
STBY021 Quarrel Horizons (Original Mix & Alius & Ezzo Remix) Listen 29/12/2008
STBY020 Quarrel Dynamic Mind EP (Dynamic Mind & Do I Hate, Do I Love) Listen 22/12/2008
STBY019 Alius & Ezzo Soca (Part 2) (Thomas Langner & Deuter9 Remixes) Listen 29/12/2008
STBY018 Slytek Minus In The Sun Listen 27/10/2008
STBY017 Alius & Ezzo Soca (Part 1) (incl. Quarrel, In Deep We Trust, Sambor Remixes) Listen 22/12/2008
STBY016 DeeRiVee I Like Beat (Original & Slytek Remix) Listen 27/10/2008
STBY015 Slytek
Strobelight/ Zaqualine
Listen 06/10/2008
STBY014 Slytek Body Heat (Quarrel & Slytek’s 2008 Remix) Listen 22/09/2008
STBY013 Quarrel
Sunset Is Coming (Original & Remixes)
Listen 07/07/2008
STBY012 Slytek
Flutterby (Original & Quarrel Remixes)
Listen 02/06/2008
STBY011 Slytek
Nettle Crush (Original & AudioCubist Mixes)
Listen 31/03/2008
STBY010 Quarrel
Hot Like Fire (Original & Quarrel’s Guitar Dub Mixes)
Listen 17/03/2008
STBY009 Quarrel
Experience (Original Mix) / Silver Crest (Original Mix)
Listen 14/01/2008
STBY008 Slytek
Spinout (Original, Neon Skin and Hot Flush Remixes)
Listen 24/12/2007
STBY007 Slytek
Calyx (Original Mix & Neon Skin Remix)
Listen 17/09/2007
STBY006 Slytek
The Pressurefunk EP: PressureFunk & Midnight Static
Listen 30/07/2007
STBY005 Slytek
Delirious (Original Mix & PressureFunk Mix)
Listen 07/05/2007
STBY004 Slytek
Body Heat (Original Mix & Hot Flush Mix)
STBY003 Slytek
Entropy (Original Mix & Audiocubist Mix)
STBY002 Slytek
Black Rhino (Original Mix)
STBY001 Slytek
Perpetua (Original Mix) / Mesmerized (Original Mix)